Royal Inner G, LLC is a mother-and-son company that provides an entire self-love experience to its consumers also referred to as "Family". Tahlia better known as Tiye Auset Ma'at, suffered from anxiety, and stress and argued with her friends, family, and associates. She was a toxic person with a lack-mentality. She couldn't form a trusting relationship at work; or in her home life, and this stunted her personal growth and professional success. Until she found the self-care tool: self-affirmations. After Tiye used self-affirmations to rid herself of negative thoughts, lack of self-esteem, and poor behavior, the duo dedicated their lives to assisting all human beings with personal improvement. RIG, LLC, produces written literature, newsletters, and e-guide systems to eradicate negative thoughts, in digital format, and in hardcopy. They also create eye-catching apparel for adult men and women, infants, children, teens, and those lucky people, that are in their golden years!

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